Monthly Reads; January 2018

Monthly Reads; January 2018

December and January

I forgot to do December’s books. December was very busy with the end of the school year so I did not read much anyway. None of the books are rereads. One is a play, two are non-fiction and two are fiction. Honestly, it was kind of the two months of let down books as I did not find many of the books to live up to their hype.

Dr. Faustus Dr. Faustus

Dr. Faustus is a play from the Elizabethan tragedy by Christopher Marlowe. The version I read was published posthumously in 1593.  It is a story about a doctor who trades his soul for knowledge and power from demons. The play has some funny moments as Faustus plays tricks on the pope and on some merchants that he rips off. I found it a quick read that was interesting enough to hold my attention and fly by.

Guns Germs, and SteelGuns Germs and Steel

Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond is a well known and very hyped up book. Honestly, it was interesting but I did not find it view changing. Maybe some of it is that the ideas have become so wide sped that the early material is not that interesting and thought-provoking anymore. Maybe it also has something to do with me disagreeing with a lot of what he wrote

Honestly, I don’t really buy into this ‘Europe stumbled into its success’ viewpoint. I think that individual action and social organizations importance in history is overlooked and underplayed in this book. In fact, it was the product of weak states that sometimes led to some of the most revolutionary organizations. Yes, I am referencing back to my old thesis about why corporations did not develop in the middle east the most read thing I have ever written :P.

Fight ClubFight Club

I may have ruined this book by having watched the movie first. Like the movie, the book was OK, but overhyped. ‘Fight Club‘ by Chuck Palahniuk is a novel that follows an unnamed protagonist and his friend Tyler. Tyler wants to plunge the world into chaos. So it sounds like a very 90’s book.

The books has a few interesting quotes and overall is worth a read. Like Jesus dying in the bible or the 6th sense, almost everyone knows the big twist at the end. Overall i would compare the book to a stripper. It is interesting and you get excited, then the ending is a big let down.


‘Freakonomics’ by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner is a bit like ‘Gun Germs and Steel’. It has become so well known that its ideas are nothing new or revolutionary.  It’s still a useful way to look at problems and I found reading it a lot of fun. I had never sat down and read the whole thing so it was a fun treat for my boss to lend it to me. I studied economics in university and had always liked taking the ideas and applying them in interesting ways.

Even if some of the conclusions that are in Freakonomics latter got rescinded or found to not be totally accurate it deserves credit as a book. It was a book that brought economics more into the mainstream and changed the way many in society look at problems

Turtles all the way downTurtles all the way Down

Turtles all the way Down‘ by John Green finished off this over-hyped reading list. Don’t get me wrong, like ‘Fight Club’ I liked the book. However, I think it is far from his best book. Actually, i think it’s his worst one.  This long-awaited book came out in October of 2017. Yes, 5-yearar delay form his last book. This may just be proof of how much time you can waste on social media or making history videos for people that slept during history class.

I have read most of John Green’s books, and they seem to get worse with every book he publishes. I read ‘Paper Towns’ first, It was great and I loved it. Then I read ‘The Fault is on our Stars‘ and I thought it was good but not as good as ‘Paper Towns’. Then I read ‘Looking for Alaska’ and it was amazing!!!!! ‘Turtles all the way Down’ did not grip me with the wow of either Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska.

Anyway, the book is still good, as always its a book about people who are horrible friends to each other but still have functional relationships because of their co-dependence. Honestly, Aza and Daisy’s relationship reminds me of ones I have had with people. The fight in the car was very relatable of when you just can’t take it anymore and blow up at that person and in the end, everyone just feels bad.

Let’s get the hatter accusations out of the way. Yes, I do wish I had John Green’s level of success. However, my writing is much more niche so it will never be that popular.


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