Boston 2017

Boston 2017


Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and one of the oldest cities in the United States. Dating back to 1630. Like most cities, it has a large metropolitan area around the city proper. Boston had the United States first public school, public park, and subway system. Boston played a central role in the early United States History.

Anyway, John and I took the train from Lowel to Boston then grabbed the Green Line to Boston Common. Despite working for the last few years in Boston John does not spend a lot of time exploring the city. I had not been to Boston since 2009 when I went with my GF at the time.





Boston Common

Our first stop was Boston Common. It’s actually a very good first stop for walking around Boston. Founded in 1634 it is the oldest public park in the USA. The common is dotted with memorials to different conflicts and on warm days has people dressed up in historical costumes. Even if their outfits are from the old days, sometimes their costumes are not.

There is also a burial ground on the common and it is the start of the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a walking tour of the old Boston historical sites. You can get tours of the freedom trail led by someone in a historical outfit. Boston Common was the playing site for the first organized football club, Oneida. Alongside many historical protests dating back centuries, it is still a popular place for rallies and protests.

Brewer Fountain Boston Common
Brewer Fountain. It was a gift to the city from Gardner Brewer a wealthy merchant.
Texting Revolutionary soldier
The redcoats are limp wristed cucks #Resistance
Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment Boston Common
Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment
Soldiers and Sailors Monument Boston
Soldiers and Sailors Monument to the Civil War dead. Also, I hate this lighting.
Central Burying Ground Boston
Central Burying Ground
Boston Massacre Memorial, where you can buy some weed
Boston Massacre Memorial. On a side note, some nice entrepreneurs offered to sell us weed here.

Granary Burying Grounds

Our next stop was also on the Freedom Trail, Granary Burying Grounds. Founded in 1660 it is the cities oldest burial grounds. This cemetery holds the graves of many Revolutionary War period patriots. Granary Burying Grounds was originally part of the much larger at the time commons. Over time public buildings were built over the common. There is a memorial to Benjamin Franklin here along with some of his family members. However, Benjamin Franklin is bared in Philidelphia.

Benjamin Franklin Memorial in Boston
Benjamin Franklin Memorial
John Hancock gravesite in Boston
John Hancock Gravesite
Paul Revere Grave site Boston
Paul Revere Gravesite

State House in BostonThe lost wander to Faneuil Hall

Our next stop as we waited for our friends to be done work was to go to Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall is an old meeting and marketplace since 1742. Today it is a major tourist destination and marketplace.

Problem is all we knew that it was closer to the ocean. So we set off to find it. On the way, we passed the Old City Hall, Old South Meeting House, and the Old State House. At last, we reached Faneuil Hall, just in time to meet up with our friends that were getting off work.

Old City Hall Boston
Boston’s Old City Hall
Irish Famine Memorial in Boston
Irish Famine Memorial
Old South Meeting House in Boston
Old South Meeting House in Boston
The Old State House, Bostons oldest public building
The Old State House, Boston’s oldest public building
Sam Adams at Faneuil Hall Boston
Sam Adams, not just my drink when I am homesick
Streets outside Faneuil Hall Boston
Streets outside Faneuil Hall


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