Riding on Chuyin Bike Trail

Riding on Chuyin Bike Trail


Chuyin bike path signChuyin Park and Path

What’s in a name? Don’t ask me I am a cynic, not a lovesick teenage girl. Like a lot of places in Taiwan, there are multiple English names. Online I found Chuyin Waterside Eco-Park and on Google Maps it is labeled as Chuyingqinshuishengtai Park. I will go of the names on the sign that tell me it is technically two things; Irrigation Ecology Pathway and Chuyin Riverbank Ecology Park. Either way, these two are so close together that they make one good combined bike ride.  They are in Ji-an and are an alternative to part of the Chuyin Bicycle Path.


How to get to Chuyin Bike Trails

start of the Chuyin TrailThis trail starts in an unassuming way. Stairs down to the Chuyin bike trailTraveling South from Hualien on 9 B take a right onto Shanxia Rd after Hualien Prison. There is a small parking lot and a sign at the bend in the road. Then just down the Stairs is the bike trail.

Like most stairs on bike trails, it has a ramp on the side to roll your bike down.  It is not a good idea to try to ride down many of these ramps,  I learned that the hard way.


Irrigation Ecology Pathway

Chuyin bike trail and the river

The bike trail itself is smooth and flat as it runs along the river. I have rarely run into other bike riders on the trail. Occasionally bridges cross the path and there is one set of small stairs that do not have a ramp.

A few of the bridges lead off to connecting roads or even just offer a nice spot to take a photo. I have always found this an exhilarating ride with the sound of water and pretty plants.  It is almost too short a ride. Eventually, the Bike path comes to an intersection. Go left or right?





Two trails
Intersection of the two trails
small stairs with no ramp on Chuyin bike path
A short set of stairs without a ramp.




Go Right

If you go to the right at this intersection you will find yourself in Chuyin Riverbank Ecology Park. As often happens on Taiwanese bike trails you go from empty spots you can go fast to having to take it slow and maneuver around families and

Chuyin Riverbank Ecology Park Ring Neck Pheasant

Chuyin Riverbank Ecology Parkchildren. This park with it’s crowded swings are no exception.


When I passed through a wild male ring neck (common) pheasant poked around the field nearby as children screamed on the swings. It was the first wild pheasant I have seen in Taiwan. The trail in the Ecology Park eventually rejoins the normal roads.

Go Left

If you go left you come to the end of the Irrigation Ecology pathway and join the rest of the Ji-an bike trail system. This bike trail is part of the trail system in Ji-an. Expect more adventures and writes ups on exciting and interesting places.





Chuyin path from a bridge

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