Dolphins at Farglory Ocean Park

Dolphins at Farglory Ocean Park

Me with a dolphin at Farglory Ocean ParkThis is where I brag about feeding a dolphin

Farglory Ocean Park is built into the side of a mountain to the south of Hualien. It has rides [A LOG RIDE], dolphins, sea lions, a manatee, fish, sharks, and otters.What’s not to Love?  Tickets are normally 890 NTD ( about 30 USD) fortunately my ex-girlfriend works as a dolphin trainer so I was able to get discount tickets. She also deserves credit for most of the photos that appear in this post. I mascots at Farglory Ocean Parkneed to get better at remembering to charge my phone.
The park was opened in 2002 by The Farglory Group. The Farglory Group is a
large construction and development group. They also own multiple hotels around the island including the luxury Farglory Hotel next to the ocean park. In fact, you see an add for the hotel on screen before the dolphin show. It looks like map of Farglory Ocean Parkit was the add they played at the opening of the park. Still, the place looks baller.

Anyway, the park could use a little updating in some places. It is still a great place to spend the day looking and learning about ocean animals and going on rides. A lot of signs also have English captions and Farglory has an educational angle.

me feeding Dolphin number five at Farglory Ocean ParkWhere is your dolphin peasants?

Naturally, the animal shows are the highlight of the park. As my ex is a dolphin trainer I am biased towards the dolphins.  Currently, they have eight dolphins, seven Bottlenose Dolphins, and one Risso’s Dolphin. The show was recently updated into more of a story format. The story is about the local Ami aboriginals and has a message about conservation.

You can also see some of the dolphins when it is not shown time. Go to the Ecomuseum of marine mammals, and you can see into two of the Manatee at Farglory Ocean Parkdolphin tanks. If you time it right the trainers may be working with the dolphins and having them practice or do tricks.  It is also where you can see

Manatee feeding

Near the dolphins, they have one manatee. Twice a day they have a show where they feed him. Before the show, they have a video of how they got a manatee to Taiwan. Interestingly you can see the current manager and manatee trainer in the old video.

Sea Lion at Farglory Ocean ParkSea Lion

Also a good show. The Sea Lions put on a great show and were really good with a basketball. The sea lion show involves the audience much more as members play games with the sea lions. Unlike the dolphin program, the sea lion breeding has been successful. Some of the sea lions you see are the big boy to the lefts kids.

Near the Sea Lion enclosure, you can also see the otters. Sadly they were not out when I visited. They also have an option for 300 NTD (about 10 USD) to have your photo taken with a sea lion.

Fish and RidesWindow licking ray at Farglory Ocean Park

The ocean pAnimal frequencies at Farglory Ocean Parkark also has a large aquarium section. There is also cell phone charging stations in the aquarium. It is under the sea lion enclosure and has a huge variety of fish. They also have feeding shows. The show has a diver feeding the rays and sharks in one of the tanks. Like a lot of these types of shows, it’s He has a planwatching rays and sharks mob the diver who is feeding them. Farglory also has a ray that acts like my students and keeps trying to lick the glass.

I think one of the Log ride at Farglory Ocean Parkmost interesting parts is an audio section (left picture). You can adjust the frequency of the sound being produced to hear what different ranges different animals can bumper boats at Farglory Ocean Parkhear. The lower end of what we can hear is really interesting
As far as rides, they have a Ferris Wheel, bumper boats, and a swinging ship. Personally, my favorite is a log ride, but they are usually my favorite. There is also a sky rail that will take you from the top to bottom. As the park is built on the side of a mountain, this is a good idea along with being scenic. They also have a dance performance but it was not running when I visited.

Shopping in the Fishing Villiage

light house at Farglory Ocean ParkAt the entrance is an area called the New England in TaiwanFishing Villiage. It has a lighthouse and tries to look like the downtown of a New England Fishing Village. Being from New England originally I like it, even if it doesn’t look like anything I remember.

So if you want a fun day, going on rides and seeing animals I suggest Farglory Ocean Park. The times the park is open change through the year but it is almost always open by nine. I would suggest bringing your own water as finding water at the park can be hard at times.


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