First Aid, The Under Appreciated Skill

First Aid, The Under Appreciated Skill

First Aid Gets no Love

We interrupt our normally scheduled programming for a rant. it’s a simple but timely but timeless rant. With the recent shooting in Las Vegas, I once again realize that first aid must be the most under-appreciated skill. First aid is one of the most universally useful skills. It does not matter your age, job, location, creed, or race, first aid is useful to you. It’s useful to me being an expatriate that lives alone as it to my married friends with kids back in the USA.

Social Media Inspired this post.

The Dali Lama asks about your First Aid gearFirst, let me start by talking about the tactical/ concealed carry community.  Yes, guns are useful and fun to shoot, but if all you have is a hammer? Well, then every problem is a nail. The community and thought process has needed more medicine less pew pew for a long time. Fortunately, it seems to be moving in the right direction, but this may just be selection bias of who I follow and pay attention to.

More shocking were the comments on a Vice article. I follow Vice for the comments, seriously, but they had something good this time. The article “Basic Skills to Know in the Event of a Shooting” is well basic. You would learn more watching videos by SkinnyMedic for an hour, but it’s something. What was more interesting was the responses. Your more than welcome to take a look and read the comments about how this article; makes them sick, is victim blaming, it’s sad that we need to suggest people learn first aid, you don’t need basic skills in China or North Korea [WTF], or any other complaint.

At its base, the complainers don’t want to live in a word where this is necessary. I certainly understand this feeling. I wish I lived in a world where violence did not exist, but whether you believe man is a fallen angel or a risen beast we do not and will not live in that world. So it is better to learn first aid. Even if we somehow eliminated violence, accidents, and natural disasters still happen. So it is better to learn first aid.

My take on what to do.

The difference can save your life. So first thing first, get you and loved ones out of the way of gunfire, it has the right of way. Crowds are usually the target and in more sophisticated attacks with more attackers, there could be more gunmen waiting to attack the crowd. It could be better to seek an alternative exit away from the crowd or seek cover.

Ok, so you got to safety or the shooting is over. Hopefully, you and everyone you came with is ok and has all their body fluids inside them. If not treat them, if so start helping treat others.

You got a medkit? Great you will probably run out of gear and have to improvise. You don’t have a medkit? Go straight to improvising. Tourniquets can be improvised with triangle bandages, belts, and shirts. Chest seals can be improvised with plastic bags or even a hand. More important than any piece of gear is the right mentality



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