Coming Soon: Helenpous

Coming Soon: Helenpous

Asinsi flag from Helenpous
The Righteous Kingdom of Asinsi “Asinsi”, Part of the Diocese of Serpus Spectrim
Helena from the book Helenpous
Helena, Part of Gladonia
Xania SAR flag from the book Helenpous
Xania, SAR of the Unity


This month I have been busy getting my first book ready to be published. Naturally editing and formatting takes longer then I expected. Helenpous is a political and military science fiction book that follows a group of characters dealing with a political crisis. Helenpous is available in print and on Amazon Kindle.


The Alliance for Humanity has dominated politics since the end of a long cold war. However, the political union is threatened by internal forces.

Allies are plotting against each other as ideologies clash. Will the Alliance for Humanity survive the intrigues of its members or is it doomed?

Meanwhile, nationalism is on the rise, a young self-styled cardinal has induced his devotes to revolt, and an Alliance team is on an expedition into an old enemies turf.

Serpus Spectrim flag in Helenpous
Diocese of Serpus Spectrim, Part of the Theocracy
Darens flag in Helenpous
Darens, Part of Gladonia
House Arillious flag in Helenpous
House Arillious, Part of Gladonia



Bixby of House Arillious watched as the rioters turned north on Marble Street. The black-clad rioters chased a group of fast running men through the street. Bixby had recruited them from the local college’s track team.

“The black bloc took the bait” Colby of House Bollog observed as they looked down of the roof. Marble street was a long narrow road flanked by two tall shopping centers.

“Blockers move in” Bixby ordered “Call them what they are, Unity Activists” Bixby snarled as he waited to give the command. Bixby remembered the last time he had fought a black bloc of Activists. Then he had been the young man. For political reasons they had to consider their victory a defeat, but not today.

The two hundred activists were halfway down the street when Bixby hit the beeper. The runners started to sprint to the end of the road. They were putting more distance between them and the activists. A combination of training and the performance-enhancing drugs made them move at near limit of human speed in their sprint.

“Now” Bixby yelled into his radio as the activists slowed down. From the roofs fishing nets were thrown down onto the Black Block. At the northern intersection, cops and citizens came out with shields and boxes of fireworks.

Bixby threw a flashbang down into the now disorganized black block. Fireworks zoomed into the mass of confused Activists. In the smoke and noise, many stayed tangled in the nets.

“They are breaking,” Colby announced as the activists attempted to flee.

“Advance” Bixby yelled over the radio as the front of the block tripped over the nets and still tangled activists. Colby was the first sliding down the pole to the street.

Bixby was right behind the giant Jager. Colby was considered the strongest man in the universe and frequently set new weightlifting records. Dressed in riot armor, he looked like a tank.

An activist swung a crowbar at Colby’s head. Colby caught it with his left hand and effortlessly wrenched it out of her hands. She looked so small as he brought the crowbar down and broke her shoulder.

“Capture as many as you can alive” Bixby reminded the advancing troops by radio as he tacked and cuffed an activist. Colby still had not drawn his batton. Instead, he was throwing activists one-handed like a caricature of a monster.

Two enterprising riot officers just followed in his wake cuffing anyone he knocked down.

“We surrender, we give up” groups of Activists yelled putting up their hands and getting on their knees.

“I yield, I yield” a man yelled as he threw down his crowbar. Bixby threw him on the ground and cuffed him like the rest.

“Everyone surrender.” One of the rig leaders ran around yelling.

“Good choice!” Bixby yelled at him as the Black Block surrendered.

“I take it you are the leader” the ringleader yelled back as all around him the activists were put in cuffs.

“You have the honor of being defeated by Bixby of House Arillious, who served under Lapis Tensla of House Arillious at Sullie. There like today we bested you terrorists” Bixby announced with a puffed up chest.

The ringleader looked unimpressed and like he wanted to argue with being called a terrorist.

“Yeah, I’m not going to remember that” the activist’s leader sneered.

“Oh, you will” Bixby replied, “Someone go find me a tattoo gun.”

Imperial Confederacy of Gladonia flag in Helenpous
Imperial Confederacy of Gladonia “Gladonia”
Holy See of the Glorious God of the Folded Rainbow flag in Helenpous
Holy See of the Glorious God of the Folded Rainbow “Theocracy”
Unity for Humanity flag in the novel Helenpous
The Unity For Humanity “Unity”

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