Lake Meihua

Lake Meihua

Lake Meihua

Ducks at Lake MeihuaEntrance at Lake MeihuaMy first year in Taiwan had been spent living in Yilan County. I wish I had started this blog when living in the city of LuoDong. One place I biked to a lot that year was Lake Meihua. It is part of a loop that you can bike form LuoDong sports park, down to Dongshan and back.

Lake Meihua is located south of LuoDong and is a popular and easy trip. In addition to a 4km long bike path, there are many shops that have bikes and carts that you can rent. Lake Meihua is a popular tourist site in Dongshan Township, resulting in many cafes and shops around the north side of the lake. Located at No.1, Dapi Rd. and “open” (as in the stores and office is open) from 0900 to 1730.

Lake Meihua from the docks

Plum Blossom Lake

Lake Meihua with a view of Sanmqing TempleThe lake went through a few different names before settling on the current name. The previous name was Jinghu, meaning mirror lake. Meihua translates out to plum blossom. The lake is home to a collection of wildlife. You can see ducks, geese, and fish in the lake. Birds, squirrels, and monkeys occupy the mountain forest on three sides of the lake. Of course, monkeys are usually seen in the morning. In fact, I nearly ran one over with my bike one morning.

Construction at Lake Meihua

The lake continues to be a popular tourist destination and attracts large numbers of visitors. Consequently, there are continued improvements being made to the trail and the bridge to the island is still being fixed. Actually, I think it was being fixed when I moved to Yilan.

Along with renting out bikes, and electric carriages entrepreneurs have set up, even more, food stalls, B&B, and cafes. Even so, ice cream still appears to be the most popular snack to have.

In addition to walking or biking around the lake, you should visit Sanqing Temple. Sanqing Temple is just a short walk up a path

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