Literally Voldemort

Literally Voldemort

Harry Potter is Fucking my Sister

I use to know a red headed Irish man. When he got drunk he use to do a Ron Weasley impression

“Harry Potters fuckin my Sister” he would yell. “He using his wand on her chamber of secrets”

Ok, that story has nothing to do with the article but it is funny. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone just had its 20th anniversary, as it seems you could not escape hearing again and again. Even worse is the inability to escape politics in the USA and the UK being compared to Harry Potter.

Vernon is for Brexit, even JK Rowling said it
Harry Potter and the US election, surprise.

Literally Voldemort

I get it political memes are a thing.

I get it, there are not that many universal cultural references anymore. If I was older I would be complaining about all the Star Wars references.

But it feels like “Literally Voldemort” is replacing “Literally Hitler”

Be it Brexit, Trump, UK elections, or anything else the comparisons and memes just keep coming. I have nothing against Harry Potter, I read the books and skipped most of the movies, but it is way too simplistic. Like if we started using Chronicles of Narnia to talk about domestic politics. It does not leave us much room to work with our fellow citizens when we dismiss those that disagree with us as evil. The characters usually fall into nice even camps that follow what side they were on the books. Voldemort Draco and company support leave/ Trump/ Republicans, Harry Hermione and company support remain/ Bernie / Hillary/ Democrats.

Oh look more comparisons of a child’s book and a political event
More like aging hippie that may be the man he ranted against. 
I file him under, failed to live up to legacy. Meanwhile, in someone else’s world, he is evil for having different politics.









Really? Is it not possible for reasonable people to disagree? The only option is for someone to be with us or they are Evil?

Evil Hillary Meme
Finally one for the right. Took me a long time to find one.

Everyone I don't like is Hitler or Voldemort

Fanfiction Time

Do you want a trashy fanfiction? Too bad you get a realistic one about some holiday.

Harry already inherited a bunch of money and is now an out of touch champagne socialist.

George is a small government hardliner who feels the government excessively taxes him as a small business owner.

Ron is a protectionist that is worried about the economy being flooded by cheap imports.

Ginny is telling everyone that she does not care for politics. She also hints that she thinks Hermione is a bad mother

Hermione goes on and on about how not caring for politics is a privilege. Meanwhile, is judging Ginny’s maternal skills.

Hagrid meanwhile will not stop talking about the NAP.

Doctor Who , Harry Potter and Politics
Studies have shown some relation between Politics and TV shows that you watch.


Green Fairy Absinthe
This post sponsored by Green Fairy (I wish). Drink enough of this and you will see some magic.


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