Mu Ming Restaurant

Mu Ming Restaurant

Looking for Mu Ming

Mu Ming restaurant

The Quest for Mu Ming

We were at Chishingtan Beach and wanted to find a place to eat. We asked at the Family Mart if there were any restaurants near us. She told us about a restaurant called Mu Ming. The clerk told us the restaurant did not have a menu “does not have a menu”. Well, that caught my attention. So off through the streets, we set off to find a restaurant with no menu.


It turns out that the restaurant is called Mu Ming, and it is well known. Usually, you need a reservation to eat there but we got really lucky. A group had failed to show up so we got to eat.  Once again it is good to be lucky. The meal was a set course. You got whatever they made and what they made was good. I am not a foodie or a good food writer, but I do like to eat and will try to do the meal justice.

If you want to eat at Mu Ming remember to call ahead of time at 03-8239336.  I don’t know if the price is always the same, but when we went it was 550 NTD (about 18 USD)

The Meal

Bamboo rice at Mu Ming

First up was an aboriginal staple that I love. Bamboo in rice is a common thing to find in Dongman Night market near where I live. Different kinds of rice and fillings change the flavor of this bamboo rice. Next was a nice salad with dragon whiskers, tomatoes, and onions.

 Sashimi at Mu Ming

“Do you eat raw fish?” Yes, yes I do. The Sashimi platter included both tuna and Japanese herring. To drink we were given a pitcher of purple Dragon Fruit smoothie.

Chicken at Mu Ming

The chicken was what we thought the main course would be. This juicy bird had just the right mix of seasonings. That sounds kind of dirty if you say it with a British accent.

Pumpkin soup at Mu MingNext, up was a nice and hot pumpkin soup. When I was in the USA a pumpkin soup was a thick soup of pumpkin and spices. This was a mixture of vegetables and pumpkin.

Mu Ming finger food in lettuce.

My mother used to hate it when I would take dinner food and try to wrap it in the lettuce from the salad. Turns out that I just wanted this finger food.

Fish and Dragon Fruit Smoothie at Mu Ming

Remember where I said that we thought the chicken was the main course? Well turns out that there was also fish and that fish was the crown of the meal.  It was a light fish that was cooked perfectly and peeled of the bones.

Spring roll at Mu Ming

After the delicate taste of the fish, spicy spring rolls made a nice contrast. Seriously not a food writer but I’m trying to think about it like it is an art.

Potatoes and rice wine at Mu Ming

Lastly, came wine and potatoes. The rice wine was sweet as was the potatoes. I had never thought of potatoes as a dessert before this.

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