Pheasant Farm in Yilan

Pheasant Farm in Yilan

Bi Han Xuan Ecological Museum

Bi Han Xuan Ecological Museum Argus Pheasant feather at Bi Han Xuan Ecological Museum( 碧涵軒帝雉生態館 ) is a pheasant farm in Great Argus Pheasant Yilan County Taiwan. Yilan County is above Hualien County and is an easy train ride. After a lengthy adventure to get a scooter we were off to the pheasant farm. Su’ao is the closest big city that has scooter rentals, I found this out the hard way. Luodong and Yilan are farther away and are bigger cities.  Photography is not allowed inside so all the pictures are sourced from online or Bi Han Xuan’s website.

It was a very interesting place with a variety of birds. There were chickens, peacock, and pheasants of different varieties. However, it is not worth a Crested Argus pheasant long trip alone. I would suggest combining it with other sites in southern Yilan County.

The highlight of the place was the Argus ( a type of pheasant) and was the focus of the tour. Often times translated out to Phoenix these birds are under threat in their native range of Southern China and Vietnam. The owner told me that in their breeding program they have about a 90% success rate.

They had both Crested Argus (seen on the left) and Great Argus (seen on the right). Argus feathers can grow very Crested Argus Pheasent long on the male birds. The feathers are believed to have spiritual and medical properties.

I think that the tour used to include more but we went during the offseason and they are doing construction to expand.

So about going

Admission is 200 NTD (6.50 USD) and you should make a reservation to come ahead of time. The staff does not speak English Great Argus Pheasant so it is a good idea to bring a Chinese speaking friend if you do not know Chinese.

Bi Han Xuan Ecological Museum is best combined with visiting Su’ao. Su’au has beaches, a coral museum, and cold springs. There is also an active shopping area around the port that is selling fish and fish products. It is an easy day trip from elsewhere in Yilan County or Hualien.

When I lived in the USA I hunted Ring-neck (common)  pheasant but had no exposure to other species outside of some artwork my Long Argus feather at Bi Han Xuan Ecological Museumgrandmother has. Many of these other pheasant species are endangered or threatened. There are many beautiful pheasant species around the world that I wish I got to see more. Some organizations that are working for pheasant conservation are Peasants Forever and Quail Forever in the USA and the World Pheasant Association a global organization.



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