Rareseed Pasture

Rareseed Pasture

Rareseed Pasture

Some coworkers and I headed down to Ruisui to see some of the tourist sites there. Ruisui is located in the southern part of Hualien County and has some interesting places to visit. First, we stopped at Rareseed Pasture. I mentioned passing this dairy farm during my Chinese New Year bike ride. Dairy Farms are often open to the public for free, with some exceptions. Like others, Rareseed Pasture combines dairy farm with tourist attraction. Later we would visit the Saoba Stones historical site and the Tropic of Cancer. The pasture is located at No.6-157 Wuhe Village, Ruisui Town in Hualien County. 


I think part of the draw of places like these is that Taiwan does not have a lot of farms with large animals. Often these tourist farms sell food to feed the animals. At places like Taikai Horse Ranch that is the only way, they try to make money off the casual visitor. Rareseed Pasture also sells dairy products as they were a dairy farm first. They also have ostriches just like Hua-Dong Farm. This is the third tourist farm that I have seen with ostriches. Honestly, it is not something I expected to see in Taiwan outside of a zoo.

irrigation at Rareseed Pasture
The farm is a very scenic spot. Even without the animals, it would be a nice place to visit.
Ostrich at Rareseed Pasture
The ostrich probably gets more attention than the cows in the dairy farm.
feeding an ostrich at Rareseed Pasture
They sell food to feed to the animals. Ths is extremely popular and many people participated.
Dairy cow at Rareseed Pasture
Some of the cows are available to be seen and fed. A lot more are visible in barns outside the public area.
Cows at Rareseed Pasture
Most of the cows out for show are female and many of them had calfs with them. Most of them have a good temperament
menu at Rareseed Pasture
Rareseed Pasture was selling a lot of food the day we visited. Most of the options are some type of dairy product.
Taxidermy at Rareseed Pasture
This less then steller Taxidermy job was inside the gift shop. I am guessing he used to live here. I think this is the first taxidermy I have seen in Taiwan.
food at Rareseed Pasture
Milk, ice cream, and milk buns.
Pound at Rareseed Pasture
The pond at Rareseed Pasture. There seemed to be less fish in the pond than when I visited last year.

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