Sanqing Temple

Sanqing Temple

 Gate to Sanqing TempleSanqing Temple

Overlooking the beautiful Lake Meihua, Sanqing Temple is a major Taoist temple in Taiwan. The Temple is based on classical Northern Chinese Palace designs. Interestingly paper money is not burnt hear and offerings are instead made of incense, flowers, and fruit. Naturally, the temple is the busiest during holidays. In fact, they perform a special blessing during Chinese New Years.

In addition to being a religious site, Sanqing Temple is known for its beauty. The temples elevation and location gives it a good view of Meihua and the surrounding area. There is also are a few mountain trails around the temple. The temples plaza is a popular place to view the scenery at both day and night.

Plaza at Sanqing TempleTaoism

Taoism is a religion from China that focuses on living in harmony with the Tao (the way). When Buddism entered China it was explained in Taoist language. This left a lasting impression on Zen Buddism. Unlike Confucianism, Taoism does not focus on rituals and social order. As you can see I still remember some part of high school social studies.

Moving on from the simple part. About one-third of Taiwanese identify as Taoist and 78% of the registered temples are Taoist. However, in Taiwan Taoism is entwined with the local gods. Folk Religion is found all over the island with both Taoist and non-Taoist clergy.  An additional 35% percent of the population identify as Buddist. This Buddhism can also be mixed with Folk Religion.

fountain at Sanqing Temple

In Abrahamic Religions, we are used to the idea that you belong to one religion or another. However, this view is not found in Sino culture. Most people follow a mixture of the three teachings (Taoism, Buddism, and Confucianism). Even among the non-religious, you will see religious iconography as part of group identity.

Sanqing Temple is a nice place to visit to get a great view of the countryside. It is easy to walk from the trail around Lake Meihua up to the temple. You can also drive to it, the address is No.123, Sanqing Rd., Dongshan Township

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