Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop

Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop

View driving up the mountainMenu at Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop

It was not the best of weekends. Like many weekends in Hualien, it was raining and cloudy. As a rule of thumb it is nice and sunny when I am at work, and today it is raining when I am not. Undeterred we took a scooter up into the mountains to try Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop that I have wanted to visit for a long time. The first part of my interest is of course tea. The second part was what the view would be. So up the mountain, for a warm cup of tea we went.

Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop

Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop is located part way up a mountain and looks over Hualien. There are more tea shops being built on the mountain but none are currently completed. Next door is the aptly named Cloudtop Landscape Hotel and Azure Villa is in front of it. Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop is open from 3 pm to midnight (1500 to 2400) according to the sign at the gate.

view from Sun-Shine Mountain Tea ShopParking is down below the tea shop itself. You can either follow the driveway or take a set of stairs up to the shop itself. The tea shop has a large patio that I imagine is busy on a sunny summer day.  The first floor has the kitchens and the registrars. Going upstairs on the second and third you have tables.

Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop Tree we parked our scooter next to








Well how is the Tea?Tea at Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop

Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop is not just a tea house, they also have food, but the important part is the tea. You have an option of a few different types of black and green tea along with fruit and flower teas. You order it by the pot, so it is good to share it with someone else. First, we ordered Rose tea. The rose tea was a sweet and balanced tea. I am not a foodie, but I like my tea and it was a good cup of tea. (Maybe I am a teaie?) I hope to go back and try some of the other tea that they have to offer.

Fried food at Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop

We finished our first pot of tea, then we ordered food. We ordered a mixed plate of fried foods. consisting of french fries, squid balls, fish pancakes, and tofu for our plate. The squid balls were the best followed by the fish pancake, in my not so humble opinion. Also on the menu were a few different hotspots and lots of desserts with fruit and waffles. Unfortunately, their does not seem to be an English menu and also be aware that there is a minimum of 150 NTD per person.




fake tree at Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop
Fake tree inside
interior of Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop
Interior design
desert at Sun-Shine Mountain Tea Shop
Desert looked good



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