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When you find out she is engaged the next morning

When you find out she is engaged the next morning


Accidently Making a Cuck

People in University are crazy. Unfortunately, I did not have the lexicon to know her fiance was a cuck then. But now that I have done it more I do. Eventually, he broke the engagement off, good choice.

Calling the Spanish prim minister a cuck

That Time I got Slapped in High School

That Time I got Slapped in High School

That Time I Got Slapped in High School

We Have all Been Here

Maybe it was not getting slapped and screamed at in public, but we have all had similar experiences. Maybe it was getting heels threw at you, or a coffee cup, or just your run of the mill book. At some point, you end up with a scorned past lover and they decide to take it out on you.

This was a learning experience for young Dylan and probably saved me later.  What did I learn?

  1. Learn to duck.
  2. Broken hearted wrenches do crazy things.
  3. If they say they are over you, they may not be.
  4. Jealousy is a powerful emotion.
  5. Roll with the unexpected.
  6. Make a joke out of it later.

Anyway, I have a YouTube channel so check it out. 


How I Ended Up Here

How I Ended Up Here

The name is Dylan, DebonairDylan. I am an American that moved to the East Coast of Taiwan in 2015.

Why would you do that? 

Glad you asked let’s break it down.

  1. It was fucking cold in NYC in 2015
  2. I had been in NYC for six years, time to see something new
  3. I was bored
  4. My lease was about to expire and I did not feel like finding a new place.
  5. I was not traveling as much as I would have liked.
  6. Why the hell not

So I sent out some applications to teaching jobs in Taiwan and Japan. I got an offer a few days later and within a month I was in Taipei.

You know, normal stuff.

Before I knew it I was an English Teacher and learning and exploring a new culture.



You know normal stuff.