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Zimu Falls

Zimu Falls

trail marker to go to Zimu FallsZimu Falls

I actually found Zimu Falls by accident. I decided to bicycle up to the area around Mugumuyu. Mugumuyu has been closed since 2016 when a landslide destroyed the road. Only my original plan was to bike to Liyu Lake. When walking along the small bit of the trail left at Mugumuyu I noticed a trail on the other side of the river and decided to hike it. The trail was at a bend in road 34 in Xiulin Township before it took Tongmen Bridge across the river. So I parked my bike and headed off down the trail. Yes, typical┬áme I found a trail I’m now going to hike it.

First section of trail to Zimu FallsThe first part

The first part is really easy and leads to a tunnel that was bored through rock. If you want to keep walking straight for a little way you can go to where the old suspension bridge used to be. I forgot a flashlight so I got to wipe out a glowstick to light my way. I go through a tone of those glowsticks. The glowsticks do not give a ton of light but it was enough to navigate through the tunnel. After the tunnel, it is more easy walking. This section of the trail brings you to Fei Chi Valley and Fei Cui Stream.

Tunnel that continues to the waterfalls Chemlight being used in a tunnel Trail to Zimu Falls after the tunnel


First Waterfall

The first waterfall just requires a few steps and a short climb down to get to. Their is a rope to help you climb down to or up from the first waterfall. For most people, this is as far as they go. This waterfall has a nice pool and is a scenic place to take photos. However, I have never been most people so I continued to follow the red flags north.

The second part of the trail is thinner, steeper and harder. It is still not that hard and I still saw a few groups of people. At one point you are supposed to cross the river but I did not notice the red marker. Instead, I ended up climbing over the rocks in Fei Cui Stream.

First waterfall

Emerald Vally Pool

The second waterfall had a large pool of green water under it. It was not a large waterfall but it was a very scenic one. I decided to go for a swim in the cold water. I saw a few other groups hike up this far the stream. Onn the north-west side of the pool are some ropes that help you if you want to climb on top of the waterfall. It was wet and slippery and I had a cool Indian Jones-like moment of my hanging off the edge holding only on to the rope. It would not have been a long fall but it got my blood pumping as I crawled back onto the ledge.

Eventually, I came down after some careful maneuvering as a group in hard hats, life vests and wetsuits watch shoeless and shirtless me crawl over the rocks to get down from the waterfall. After one more dip into Emerald pool and some crazy foreigner looks, I set off down the trail for the third waterfall, Zimu Falls.

trail to emerald pool Me looking debonair at Emerald Pool Emerald Pool

Zimu Falls

The last section of the hike is the most difficult. It is thin and steep but still nothing that should stop the average person. The last waterfall is the most impressive and the largest. The pools are not as large or as deep hear but there are still plenty of places to relax in the water hear. I only saw one other group of hikers between the Emerald Pool and Zimu Falls.

Zimu Falls was the end of the trail and it proved to be a very beautiful trail to follow. No part of the trail is very difficult, and the average person should have no issues climbing up to Zimu Falls. If you are going to hike it I would suggest you pack water and some good shoes. If you get to hot, just go for a swim in one of the pools.

Trail from Emerald Pool to Zimu Falls Zimu Falls Zimu Falls