Taikai Horse Ranch

Taikai Horse Ranch

Taikai Horse Ranch

Taikai Horse Ranch signThis one is not a restaurant with animals, it’s a horse farm with animals. Taikai Horse Ranch has a few horses and from what I have heard offers horse riding lessons. That is not why the majority of people go. Instead, they want to see the animals. Located at


Formosan Sika at Taikai Horse Ranch Formosan Sika fawn at Taikai Horse Ranch Formosan Muntjac at Taikai Horse Ranch




There are three types of deer in Taiwan. They are the Formosan Muntjac, Sika, and Sambar. Taikai Horse Ranch has two of these deer species. On the left is the Sika and on the right is the Muntjac. They are attempting to breed the Sika deer and this is the second year I have seen fawns at the farm. I have not noticed any Muntjac fawns on my many visits.


Taikai Horse Ranch also has a collection of peacocks, chickens, pheasants in pens. They also have flamingos, swans, ducks, and geese in the pond. A word of caution, the swans are like geese in America and some of them are nasty. There is a black swan who I have had to kick as he sometimes gets aggressive if you stop on the bike trail. Some of the ducks and geese are very friendly and will let you hand feed them.

peacock at Taikai Horse Ranch chicken at Taikai Horse Ranch Golden Pheasant


White Swan at Taikai Horse Ranch Black Swan at Taikai Horse Ranch Flamingos at Taikai Horse Ranch


The horses and others

Ok, this place is about horses and naturally, they have them along with a raccoon and some goats. One of the big attractions of Taikai Horse Ranch is the beauty. There is lots of open space and its next to the ocean. You can sit by the ocean and relax, as long as that black swan does not go after you.

horse at Taikai Horse Ranch Raccoon at Taikai Horse Ranch Raccoon at Taikai Horse Ranch Goat at Taikai Horse Ranch flowers at Taikai Horse Ranch Taikai Horse Ranch pond

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