Taipei April 2017

Taipei April 2017


April Trip to Taipei


I grabbed a train to Taipei to meet some friends and take in the sites. I stayed at the East Fang Di Hotel in Zhongshan district. It was a beautiful and sunny weekend to travel.

Train ride to Taipei, Yilan County
Window seat
Taipei train ride, east coast of Taiwan
The east coast of Taiwan is well known for its beauty, even the train rides are scenic.
Turtle Island from a Train
Turtle Island is off the coast of Yilan. It used to be my constant companion when biking along the coast.
Turtle Island in the distance.
Turtle Island gets smaller as I travel farther north.








East Fang Di Hotel Lobby in Taipei
East Fang Di Hotel Lobby. The staff was very friendly.
Fish at East Fang Di Hotel
Fish in the fountain at East Fang Di Hotel. The big one is about 20 years old
night market outside my hotel.
24 hour night market. Guess where I ate.
park in Taipei
A park I walked through.







Japanese styled arches in a park
Arches in a park in Taipei
First Hotel were new Hess teachers stay
For anyone that worked at Hess this place brings back memories.
Summer Lesson PlaystationVR
I wonder what the target demographic for this game is?
Park in Taipei
Taipei has lots of little parks like this. I use to go to this one when I was staying at First Hotel








Taipei 101 big and small
little Taipei 101, in front of big Taipei 101
Taipei 101
Taipei 101 in the distance
Love Statue at Taipei 101
The love statue at Taipei 101 is a very popular photo spot










On Sunday I rode to Xinsheng Park, Lin Antai Old Homestead, and along the river park. Later I went to Tamsui night market to have dinner.

Taipei UBike
UBikes are honestly one of the best ways to get around Taipei. I wish the bike system in NYC was as good
Xinsheng Park Taipei
Xinsheng Park. A pleasant surprise I stumbled across when riding.


Cinnamon for coke not cocaine.
Taiwan use to be a major producer of cocaine, now just coke ingredients




Pink rose in Taipei
Pink rose in Taipei Xinsheng park





Greenhouse in Taipei
Greenhouse at Xinsheng park in the future building. It held plants from different biomes.
Don't touch the cactus
Don’t touch the sharp prickly things










Lin Antai Old Homestead in Taipei
Lin Antai Old Homestead, a Fujian style garden palace
Biking along Keelung River in Taipei
Biking along Keelung River








Fried Squid at Tamsui Night Market Taipei
Fried Squid at Tamsui Night Market
Quail eggs at Tamsui Night Market Taipei
Quail eggs at Tamsui Night Market








Teasing Kids never gets old 

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