Taipei Botanical Garden

Taipei Botanical Garden

Gate at Taipei Botanical GardenTaipei Botanical Garden

Taipei Botanical Garden is the oldest Botanical Garden in Taiwan. It offers a free place to walk around and enjoy nature in southern Taipei. Obviously, the best way to get to Taipei Botanical Garden is to take public transportation. Xiaonanmen station exit 3 is to the north and multiple bus stops are to the south of the Garden. We visited in October but there is always some flower that is in bloom. Taipei Botanical Garden is open from 5:30 am to 10 pm every day.

Wait, What?
Oh, those could hurt.

The Gardens

The Taipei Botanical Garden is made up of multiple sections based on the type of plant or a theme. There are sections for ferns, succulents, the Chinese zodiac and a lotus pond among others. Honestly, I got a lot of pleasure from just walking around and taking in the view. Even for an October day, there were lots of visitors to the garden. I imagine a nice spring or summer day brings an even larger crowd. Moreover, the gardens offer great people, bird and animal watching. We saw multiple types of birds, a kid that was clearly not impressed, a squirrel, a lady very impressed by a squirrel, and multiple groups of people doing their engagement photos. Engagement photos are serious business in Taiwan. Simler to most places, anything to do with a wedding is serious business.

 Guest House of Imperial Envoys

During the Ching Dynasty, The Administrative Office of Taiwan was built. Later in 1892 this guest house was added on for visiting imperial envoys. At first, the Japanese government used the same offices for the Governor-General’s Office. However, in 1933 the guest house was moved to its current location in the Botanical Gardens. The visitors to the Taipei Botanical Garden are free to enter the old guest house and look around. The size of the guest house is probably the most impressive part.


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