Taipei December 2017

Taipei December 2017

Flowers in Taipei Taipei December 2017

My last trip up to Taipei for 2017. I definitely visited Taipei a lot more this year than last year. Maybe the most I ever had in a year. I will probably keep visiting Taipei in 2018. I am also looking forward to visiting new places and new countries in 2018.

Saturday I wandered around Yuanshan Park, and the Fine Arts Park on Saturday. On Sunday I checked out Christmasland in Banqiao. It was a little colder than normal but I still found it very comfortable.


Mural at Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipai
Mural at Mackay Memorial Hospital.
Bamboo house at the Fine Arts Park in Taipei
Bamboo house at the Fine Arts Park. It is actually two separate buildings
I had not seen this insulation before and I have heard its much nicer at night.


Fine Art's Park Taipei
We sat for a long time just relaxing under the bamboo roof.
Door way to the bamboo house
Doorway into the bamboo house. Despite being drafty its a nice place to hang out.
Light up balloon in Taipei
I keep seeing these light up balloons in Taipei. They have a battery at the bottom to make them light up
Bamboo observation tower.
The second building is an observation tower that looks like a spiky hat.
View from the top in Taipei
View from the top of the bamboo observation tower.


Aboriginal ceremony in Taipei
Also, happening was an aboriginal ceremony.




Christmas Tree in Banqiao Station
On Sunday we headed to Banqiao station to go see Christmasland. We arrived way before the lights turned on
Giant Timberland boot at Christmasland Taipei
You know what they say about people with big feet? They need big shoes. Well these Timbs should be big enough
New Taipei Civic Plaza in December
At first we thought it was an ugly christmas decoration, but its just part of the landscape at New Taipei Civic Plaza. 


Christmasland Taipei 2017
At last, the lights are on at Christmasland
Tesla display in Taiepi
BTW the new Tesla is sweet looking. Ok, so I mainly love the doors.
Lights at Christmasland in Taipei
The lights are on and despite the warm weather it is starting to feel like Christmas
Lights at Christmasland in Taipei
More Lights!
Hello Kitty and EVA Air at Christmasland Taipei
Hello Kitty pilot
Concert at Christmasland in Taipei
Lights as the concert started
Lights at Xinban Metro Park
It was nicer away from the concert I think. We could walk around and not have our eardrums damaged.
Xiban Metro Park during Christmasland
I also think Xinban Metro Park had nicer lights than the other parts of Christmasland
Praying Mantis Taipei Metro Mall
Getting a backrub from a praying mantis. Its a Halloween decoration left over at Taipei Metro Mall.













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