Taipei in August

Taipei in August

Taipei in August


It was a hot weekend but I went up to Taipei and stayed at a place called Nina’s Room. It is a cheap place to stay where you get a private room with a futon on the floor and a bathroom, but bring your own towels and tooth brush.

In Taipei

Rock Garden near Hualien Train Station
Actually, I had to wait a long time for a train because I missed my first train. Big difference between 11:14 and 11:40
Some twist looking building being built near city hall.
I stayed at Nina’s Room this time. It is near city hall so I got some different views.









artificial waterfall in Taipei
It was a hot weekend so looking at a waterfall in the city was kind of nice.
Huashan Creative Park
VR coke at Huashan Creative Park. Lots of these old factories in Taiwan have been turned into creative or cultural parks
Shandao Temple
Shandao Temple was built in 1926 by the Japanese. It is still the largest Buddist temple in Taiwan.









Che Lam Presbyterian church in Taipei
Che lam Presbyterian Church in Taiwan was built in 1916 and is still an active church
Last Chronicle in Taipei
Let’s play one of my favorite games! Guess the target demographic of the Last Chronicle?
Underground Mall in Taipei
It was hot so the underground malls and department stores are where I spent most of my time.









Temple in Taipei
My students would probably tell me to pray for a girlfriend. Seriously when they found out I was single they told me to go to a temple and ask for one.
Old street in Taipei
Cool old street with lots of traditional medicine and foods for sale. Honestly, I was lost when I took this and the last picture and still have no clue where I was.
Thai food in Taipei
Thai food time. Thailand makes some seriously good curry.











Art in Taipei
Lights, art, and some chains to pull



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