Taipei May 2017

Taipei May 2017

May trip to Taipei

It seems like an established thing in my life that I go to Taipei once a month. Anyway, I said at a place called Rose Boutique Hotel near Taipei Station. I met up with my friend Jaydenn for dinner. I met Jaydenn when I was in University and if it was not for her I probably would not have thought about going to Taiwan. You can see Jaydenn’s blog here (it is in Chinese but the pictures are cool).

View from the train going to Taipei
The water had a strange look as I took the train north. It probably has something to do with the rain
Building near Taipei Bus station
A cool old building close the Bus Station
vegetarian noodles in Taipei
I ate vegetarian noodles with my friend Jaydenn








Darn Tough Vermont Socks for Sale in Taipei Taiwan
By the Bus and Train station is a street with lots of hiking and other outdoor gear. Needless to say, I almost bought new socks
Hours statue near Taipei Main Station
A Horse Statue outside Taipei Main Station. In the Chinese zodiac, I am a horse.
Spot Taipei
Build by the Japanese in 1925 Spot Taipei served for many years as the residence of the US ambassador. President Ezinhower stayed here on his 1960 visit.
Phoenix outside Taipei Fubon Bank
Taipei Fubon Bank has some interesting statues. Turns out this is a Phoenix.









Temple in Taipei
One of the many Temples I passed
Animal benches in a park in Taipei
How nice of the animals to hold up the bench
Buffalo statues in Taipei Park
A family of Buffalo in the park
Taipei MRT station that goes to the airport
Part of the new Metro Station that goes to the airport. It has opened since last time I flew into Taiwan.





Old North Gate in Taipei
Old North Gate of Taipei. The wall was built in 1884 and most of it was destroyed during the Japanese colonial period. Only the North Gate still has the original appearance.
Taipei Night Market
Night market selling clothing.
Taipei Night Market
This night market is near 228 Memorial park and was where my phone died
Old train at Taipei Main Station
Old train outside Main Station. Taken before I got on a more modern train.

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