Taipei October 2017

Taipei October 2017

Taipei October 2017

October saw me visiting Taipei two times. The first time was a rainy weekend that saw me break an umbrella and visit the Contemporary Art Museum. All art is in some way about desire. Contemporary art just gets to be more blatant with its depictions of genitalia The second weekend I was in Taipei for a costume party. I spent Sunday walking around the botanical garden in some of the best weather we have had in October. I stayed in the NiHao@Taipei Hostel near the main station.


NiHao @ Taipei Hostel bathroom sign
Turns out the hotel had a sense of humor. It was a very cute place that was conveniently close to Main Station
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House statue of Dr. Sun Yar-Sen
A statue of Sun Yat-Sen at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House.
Inside Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House. Sun Yat-Sun was the first president of the Republic of China and had led a long life as a nationalist who wished to end imperial rule. He had traveled around the world and had contacts inside the Chinese Diaspora. He was living in NYC when he found out that he was the President of the new Republic of China.












More of the inside of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House. The house is small but it holds an interesting collection of artifacts and documents. Very little is in English.
Sometimes the boundaries between communities are obvious. Hijabs make it easy for anyone to tell that they are moving into a different area.
After living next to the Bronx Botanical Garden the bar has been set high. The Taipei garden is free and a nice place to walk around.













After the Botanical Garden, we went to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial.
lowering of the flag, CKS memorial
We were on time to see the lowering of the flag ceremony. Like the changing of the guard it has become an attraction

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