Tropic of Cancer, Ruisui

Tropic of Cancer, Ruisui

Tropic of Cancer markerTropic of Cancer

The Tropic of Cancer runs through Taiwan. I biked past it on my New Years Bike trip last year. After visiting Rareseed Pasture and the Saoba stones we continued a little farther south to the Tropic of Cancer. The Tropic of Cancer is the farthest north the sun goes. When I was biking south it did feel warmer after passing the tropic.

Tropic of Cancer markerThe Tropic of Cancer runs through the Wuhe terrace in Ruisui in Hualien County.  The large statue to the right can be seen at the Tropic of Cancer. The statue is on the west side of the road and there is a large parking lot.

The Tropic has become a tourist attraction with lots of people stopping to take photos. There are also a few merchants around and a tea shop. The lady who ran the shop was very nice to offer me tea when I was a frozen bike rider. There are many more tea shops but many of them are not as nice.

Gient Tea pot at Tropic of CancerHow to get there

It is a short drive or train ride from Hualien. If you take a train you have to find somewhere to rent a scooter. I know you can rent a scooter in Yuli but I do not know about Ruisui. If you decide to bicycle it take a few hours to get to Ruisui. One other option is to take your bike onto the local train and ride around.

Alongside, the last three places I have posted about Ruisui has hot springs. These hot springs are a good place to relax and many of them are parts of hotels. I have actually never been to a hot spring in Taiwan, so I should add it to my to-do list. Ruisui is a great place to visit from Hualien and can also be a great weekend getaway.


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