Typhoon Nesat Gallary

Typhoon Nesat Gallary

Typhoon Nesat

Instead of going to Taipei I stayed at home and watched the typhoon this weekend. Typhoon Nesat was our first Typhoon of the year so it got a lot of attention. The Typhoon hit the south of the country harder so there was not much to see in Hualien. It was actually a nice down weekend. I worked on the novel I was working on and took some pictures. I then promptly accidentally deleted most of the pictures.

Getting breakfast during Typhoon Nesat
The rain was sporadic on Saturday as I ate at my favorite breakfast shop.
Waves during Typhoon Nesat
So naturally, I went off to see what was happening at the ocean. A few big waves but not much else.
Bike trail in Hualien during Typhoon Nesat
. Call me crazy but I kind of like going outside when the weather is crazy. So I headed home.









After Typhoon Nesat
Sunday I decided to walk around and see the damage. A few blown over signs and plants. Not much else to say.
Abandoned Lawyer House
I walked towards Pine Garden and found this abandoned house. Many of the houses had Japanese style architecture.
Sloth Girl, But First, Selfie Time
So after taking pictures, I ended up reading a comic book called Sloth Girl. It was the first comic book I have read in a long time (full disclosure I do know the author).











The longer I stay in Taiwan the less interesting Typhoons have been for me. Just like the earthquakes you quickly get used to them. Probably like if I had never seen snow before. The first few times is really exciting, after that it’s just a cold pain.


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