Wangyou Forest

Wangyou Forest

Wangyou Forest

Walking up to Wangyou Forest Like most mountains in Taiwan, there was a shuttle, lots of shuttles. The trail up to Wangyou Forest (忘憂森林) is no different. After the Monster Villiage, it was a nice change to be out in nature. We heard “100 to the top” about a dozen times walking from the car to the road up the mountain. Instead up the mountain we went it was a nice steep walk that included switch backs and dodging the shuttles driving fast up and down the mountain.We had already avoided paying for parking by finding one of the few places you could pull a car off the side of the road.

Lots of entrepreneurs having the same idea to make money of a free thing. The entrepreneur I wanted to see, someone selling water bottles half way up the trail, was missing. At the end of the trail was a restaurant, a bathroom you have to pay to use, and someone selling water and ice tea.


At the Top

Wangyou Forest

An earthquake created the swamped forest. Once a river had flown hear down the mountain. An earthquake in Nantou had shifted the path of the river leaving some of the water trapped. The change created the tourist haven.

Being Taiwan this quickly leads to it being a popular place for photography. Pictures of the swamp, pictures of people next to the swamp, pictures of groups standing near the swamp. My favorite was a girl who was dressed up in cosplay and took pictures with people. Either way, it was a popular place to take pictures.

There was also a more traditional hiking trail like we have in the United States. From the little bit I walked, it seems to follow a ridge up to the top of the mountain. I only walked it a short way but if I lived in Nantou it would be something I would want to check out more myself.

Photographers at Wangyou Forest The crew



Wangyou Forest Cosplay at Wangyou Forest

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