Xitou Monster Village

Xitou Monster Village

Xitou Monster Village

Xitou Monster Village in Nantou is a family-friendly tourist trap. That is the best sentence I can sum it up with. The monster themed village gets over 200,000 visitors each month so they are doing something right. I am sure it also helps keep the hotel busy. Either way, it makes a great stop for an hour or two. Fortunately, it was just a short walk from the hotel we were staying in.

The best part of the village is the show, at night (7PM/ 1900). The best part of that show is the drumming. After that, it becomes a children show complete with mascots and that monster watch song. That catchy song gets stuck in your head just like Let it Go and won’t go away.








The village is a mock-up of a Japanese one. It opened in 2011 and is now a major destination. It is actually very pretty and I can see why it is a popular place to take pictures. Many buildings have interesting details and hidden carvings of monsters.















Shops and Shows

Xitou Monster Village has lots of little shops and restaurants. However, the family mart seems to be the most popular. Like anywhere in Nantou they have that wood fire cooked chicken. The village also has a smattering of “Monsters” like the “Suger Cane” Monster at a chocolate shop. In truth the chocolate there is good but expensive















Also included was referenced to a moon god who performed the drum show. After he was done a bunch of animals took the stage, literally. My advice, go for an hour or two, see the interesting shops. Watch the drumming show if you are there at the right time then leave. There are a lot of hotels and other attractions in Nantou so it is a good place area to stay in when visiting Nantou


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